original equipment surface finishing

Our strength lies in our ability to visually transform plastic substrate into brushed aluminium, carbon fibre or black piano wood. We also provide applications of logos, carbon pearlescents, wood grains, stripes and flowers. We have a wealth of expertise focused on technical development and reducing environmental impact. As a high quality manufacturer and accredited OE supplier it is imperative we operate within the strict guidelines for health and safety and the environment.


Composite Finishing

Auto-Kit is a specialist in the application of clear coat to carbon fibre and texallium composites. We offer innovative processes in the carbon fibre clear coating arena which includes the application of metallic photo etched stencils. As part of our supply chain support we also offer bonding and assembly for these parts to complete the process and reduce movement of parts and risk of damage. As such our facility is ideal for the complete finishing of raw carbon substrates from cradle to grave and deliver the finished product into our customers made up of OEM Tier 1 and Tier 2’s.

We are very flexible and can accommodate low to high volume orders offering flawless exacting standards of the highest quality. All products are track and traced through our MRP system so there is complete transparency and an audit trail of all our processes. We have in-house tooling and technical expertise in order to maximise production and adhere to the stringent requirements of the major OEM’s.

Technical finishes

Our in house Cubic printing facility is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects. The cubic printing process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. In the process, the decoration can achieve full 360° coverage of the part surface, including small crevices. The process meets all O.E.M standards for UV light penetration, adhesion integrity , gloss level and resistance to stone chips. In line with the current trend of personalisation within the automotive arena the process is ideal for O.E.M’s who want to achieve technical finishes to interior and exterior parts to enhance a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Rapid Prototyping

Technical finishes can be done electronically and on request using electronic data interchange from our design studio to the latest electronic 3D cubic printing technology.
The current system we have in place allows any digital design to be transferred onto an actual component within 24 hours allowing customers a physical sample before further development costs are incurred.

General finishing

Auto-Kit International also offer a more general paint finishing service on a variety of substrates to the automotive O.E.M’s. Examples of the types of work we undertake include but are not limited to colour coding and piano black effects.

We have the ability to mix paints and colours to specific ral codes,in addition as part of our support we have many existing relationships with O.E paint suppliers such as Glazurit, Dupont, Fujichem Sonneborn, BASF, PPG and Akzo Nobel amongst others in order to meet all specifications.

Parts Coverage

Examples of the type of automotive parts we decorate include but are not limited to centre consoles, switch panels, wing mirror housings, light surrounds, fender vents, bonnet vents, splitters, side sills, bumpers, rear diffusers, front grills and engine covers.

In summary we provide surface finishing to IP parts and exterior ornamentation.

Standards and Testing

We have our own internal laboratory and testing facilities. As part of the PPAP of automotive components, testing is carried out to confirm:

Adhesion integrity by cross hatch and pressure wash testing
Scratch resistance
UV light penetration
Humidity  parameters
Resistance to fuel drip
Gloss level and paint thickness