CAD - CAM Engineering

CAD-CAM Engineering applications are for both the design and manufacture of products. When used together CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) provide several benefits, from increased precision to minimising waste.

Use of CAD-CAM in the CNC Manufacturing Process at our facilities

Using CAD-CAM help us to take more complex jobs from our customers and finish these with desired results and optimum quality desired. It is easier and faster to get CAD models from our clients and set up the toolpath for machining and perform simulations that provide valuable initial information. CAD-CAM provides us with the automation required to maximize programming efficiency.

3 Key benefits of CAD-CAM Engineering

  • 1. Integration: CAD-CAM engineering software allows us to integrate directly with the CNC machines. The close integration of the design and manufacturing process helps reduce the gap between the two processes. It also allows the machines to be used most efficiently.
  • 2. Accuracy: The use of CAD-CAM applications massively increase the control over the production process with a significant increase in accuracy.
  • 3. Time Saving: Using CAD-CAM engineering helps save time at every stage which means we can produce prototypes and finished products much more quickly for our clients.

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