Splitting and Skiving

Splitting involves reducing the thickness of leather cut parts to specific parameters to maintain consistency. Skiving is the process whereby the thickness of only the edges of the leather are reduced in order to provide a seamless wrap onto substrates.

The leather splitting machine is used to reduce the thickness of cut parts to a set amount aiding in the consistency of other processes such as glue application, sewing and trimming. With a splitting tolerance ±0.2 mm and is able to split all leather types.

The skiving machine is an incredibly versatile tool. Used to taper or reduce edge thickness to aid the sewing and assembly processes. It can also used for edge turning and reducing the build up of multiple thicknesses and storing program memory to allow consistency between batches. The machine is capable of adjusting custom width, thickness and angle.


Benefits of Industrial Leather Splitter Machine

  • Makes the most accurate splits
  • Splits thinner leathers easily
  • Saves time as compared to manual splitting
  • Reduces amount of glue usage and improves adhesion

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